Saturday, 11 April 2015

Le Souffleur

I went back again and worked some more on the final painting, trying to put some light into it.

I went back to the Souffleur view point yesterday and after studying it again, finished an old painting:

These were the steps.  I have been working in this spot over the last 3 years doing lots of different studies and paintings.  I always work en pleine air, meaning outdoors on the spot.  I love being outdoors and only feel inspired when actually at the place.  I follow my intuition and paint what interests me on the day. Sometimes I don't know what I will paint but when I get there I always find something that inspires me. It is such a pleasure working, drawing, walking, painting outdoors this is why I do it, for the pure pleasure.  I always feel very satisfied when I've been out painting and go every day.  Sticking to a routine is good too, just get in the car and go! At the moment I go first thing every morning with my gardener (always easier to go with somebody rather than on your own) and come back around 1pm. That way I have time to do my errands in the afternoon, or carry on painting as I'm in the mood. What comes out at the end of the day is of no importance.  As you can see it has taken 3 years to get this painting out by building up slowly and surely and by going back and back. Patience and determination in hand!

Photograph of the spot.

quick sketch

Notan, studying the shapes

6 value study

4 value study

122 x 90cm painting done onsite

122x90cm corrected sky, sea, clouds, 2 years later! Clouds still need some work!