Sunday, 12 February 2017

I have been painting with Barry John Raybould last week, January 30th- February 5th.  We went looking for spots around Churt, Surrey, UK and found quite a few nice things to paint around Bentley.
Below is a picture of a lovely farm and the fields nearby.  The weather was atrocious but we

I am looking at an interesting arrangement of abstract patterns in the scene, lights and darks,
with a good composition and lead in.  The puddles made good leads in for the eye!

I was also looking at warm and cools in the subject.  For example the sky was warm and the puddles were cool, so were the distant trees.  The buildings in the farm scene were predominately warm with cool grey roof and gates/barn doors.  The painting must have a dominant temperature, either warm or cool with some of the opposite to balance it.  Here they are both predominately warm with some cool.  I was also looking to simplify the shapes and look at the VALUES very closely.  Asking myself: is the shape I am painting cooler or warmer, lighter or darker than the ones close to it.

They are small studies on board, 6x8" and 8x10"

These paintings were done in Mauritius and the island of Rodrigues in November 2106, also with Barry, he was visiting me.

                                          Bellemare Plage. Mauritius 8x10" oil on board.

                                         Trou d'Eau Douce, Mauritius 9x12" oil on board

                                          Trou d'Eau Douce, Mauritius 9x12" oil on board

                                          Rodrigues Island, Rodrigues. 9x12" oil on board

                                          Bamboo Mountain, TDD, Mauritius 9x12" oil on board

                                          Local Houses in Rodrigues. Rodrigues Island 9x12" oil on board

                                         Onion Fields, Mauritius TDD, 65x50cm Oil on canvas

                                          Rough Sea, Souffleur, Mauritius 60 x 50cm Oil on linen canvas

                                           Beach at TDD, Mauritius. Oil on board 8x10"

Monday, 25 April 2016

Two more painted on site.  The first one is looking more at the pools, I got the idea from looking at a Monet, the waterlilies, where he just paints the water and no sky.  It makes it more of an abstract 
painting.  I used palette knife and brush for this one. The second one is done very quickly, in one sitting of 2 hours.  It was a windy day with a cyclone hovering near the island, hence the cloudy sky and the rough waves int he distance.

120 x 100cm oil on canvas

117 x 90 cm oil on canvas

Monday, 11 April 2016

Trou D'Eau Douce, Mauritius.

I've been painting these very large canvases on site in front of my beach house.  They are views I have done many many times so I know them very well.   I swim in the waters and walk on the beach every weekend, this is important, knowing your spot is very important.

65x50cm oil on canvas.

120 x 90 cm oil on canvas

120 x 90 cm oil on canvas

120  x 90 cm oil on canvas

120 x 90 cm oil on canvas

Saturday, 11 April 2015

Le Souffleur

I went back again and worked some more on the final painting, trying to put some light into it.

I went back to the Souffleur view point yesterday and after studying it again, finished an old painting:

These were the steps.  I have been working in this spot over the last 3 years doing lots of different studies and paintings.  I always work en pleine air, meaning outdoors on the spot.  I love being outdoors and only feel inspired when actually at the place.  I follow my intuition and paint what interests me on the day. Sometimes I don't know what I will paint but when I get there I always find something that inspires me. It is such a pleasure working, drawing, walking, painting outdoors this is why I do it, for the pure pleasure.  I always feel very satisfied when I've been out painting and go every day.  Sticking to a routine is good too, just get in the car and go! At the moment I go first thing every morning with my gardener (always easier to go with somebody rather than on your own) and come back around 1pm. That way I have time to do my errands in the afternoon, or carry on painting as I'm in the mood. What comes out at the end of the day is of no importance.  As you can see it has taken 3 years to get this painting out by building up slowly and surely and by going back and back. Patience and determination in hand!

Photograph of the spot.

quick sketch

Notan, studying the shapes

6 value study

4 value study

122 x 90cm painting done onsite

122x90cm corrected sky, sea, clouds, 2 years later! Clouds still need some work!

Sunday, 22 March 2015

I worked some more on a picture from the 7 Cascades that I started in 2011, I think it's finally finished now.  You can read the progress from start to finish in the Finale blog of the 7 Cascades. This is the how the picture started and changed, each of these pictures is underneath the final, amazing eh!

42x35" first stage

42x35" 2nd stage

42x35" 3rd Stage

42x35" 4th Stage

42x35" 5th Stage

42x35" 6th Stage

42x35" 7th Stage (FINAL)

Can you see the woman in yellow in the picture? She can be seen in two position: either lying on her back with her breast, knee, head looking up, or lying on her side with her face, elbow and legs turning to the right bottom corner.  There are women in all the paintings, this is me reflected in the landscape. I don't do this consciously it just appears. It's coming from the subconscious. This is ART.

Saturday, 21 March 2015

I went back to the Souffleur and set up under a lovely Veloutier tree for some shade.  I did 4 colour plays.  I like to work like this making colour studies, colour maps and trying to simplify the seascape.
The first 4 were done on Thursday 5th of March the day before the cyclone.  The waves were huge.

6x4" oil in sketchbook

 These 4 were done on Tuesday the 17th of March, the tide was low, the seascape was quite different. The first 4 are colour studies and the last one is done on board.
6x4" oil in sketchbook

6x4" oil in sketchbook

oil in sketchbook 6x4"
6x4" oil in sketchbook

longer study, oil on board 8x10"

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Painting by the sea.

I  have been painting  the sea over the last two weeks. The light on the sea is a very difficult subject. We had a cyclone pass near us and the waves were very big, it's always a pleasure spending the day by the sea.

Morning Light Ile aux Vacoas 26 cm x 18

Le Souffleur 28 x 23cm

Le Souffleur 25.5 x 20.3cm 

Friday, 10 January 2014

Souffleur 9 Jan 2014

6 x 8" oil on board
I went back again and found I'd forgotten my tripod for my pochade box.  When I took out my French Easel I found that the carpenter who had changed some copper pieces on my easel had screwed them into the legs so I couldn't extend the legs. Plus it was raining and foggy.  Feeling very low,  I contemplated giving up and heading home but decided to do one small study first, knowing that when I'm cross and fed up I often produce my best work. My art teacher once told me that it is because all our frustrations are being expressed into the painting, this is, after all,  how artists, (we),  express ourselves.  It turned out quite abstract as the paint was slipping on the board, I couldn't put much detail down and had to work very fast. I quite like it!  Painting is full of surprises which is why it is so much fun!

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Souffleur, Big Swell

I went back to one of my favourite spots yesterday to work some more studies, this is what I did:

8 x 10" oil on board
The waves were crashing, the tide was high the sea was very rough.  We have just had a Cyclone last week which passed to the West of Mauritius, luckily it missed us, but we still got a lot of rain and wind.  The sea is lovely during and just after a cyclone - wild.  I'm going to try to enlarge it in the studio this morning.