Thursday, 17 October 2013

Workshop with Barry John Raybould in Knysna, South Africa

We studied Notan sketches, value, thumbnail sketches, 3 value exercises and painted on site by the sea. The course was very fast and we worked till 6/7 every night! It was a wonderful experience.

Barry writes courses for his Internet Visual Arts Academy. We had lots of course notes from his Academy to help us to follow his lesson every day. He taught us to make a very small, simple, 2 value design of the landscape first. Then, we had to do an outline study and number our values. We had to do an oil painting of this using just 3/4 values, keeping to just black, white and grey.  The idea is to keep everything very simple and clear at first. From this grey picture we had to transfer the values using colour! Not easy!!!

6x8" oil on paper

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