About me

I am English and have lived in Mauritius for the last 23 years. I studied Interior Design at Chelsea Art College, where I learned to draw! Serge Constantin, a Mauritian artist, gave me lessons and I joined his Saturday group this is where I learnt to paint outdoors, on site. He taught me to paint from nature and to sketch.  By working this way you catch the spirit of the place. I don't work from photos.  I then met Richard Web at the Slade School of Art  and he introduced me to tone and colour.  There is nothing as exciting as studying and interpreting the landscape.

I like to go to very wild, secluded, peaceful places with my dogs and explore them thoroughly. I love being up high and looking down. It is so relaxing being outdoors and I enjoy a good walk and climb! Usually when out walking I get a strong feeling when I see a view which interests me, then when I feel ready I go back with my charcoal and oils making studies. I go back many times making studies, then one day I'll feel ready to use them to make a big painting. I have to wait for this moment to come. I cannot make it happen.

I paint for the pure pleasure and to advance down the road of self discovery which is a very long and windy road! I also like to teach others.