Before and After

                                                                Painting 1.

40cm x 30cm First Stage, painting 1.

40cm x 30cm. Second Stage,  painting 1.

40 x 30cm Third Stage,  painting 1. I have painted over this painting, abandoning it.

Painting 2.

65cm x 50cm First Stage, painting 2.
65cm x 50cm. Second Stage, painting 2. I have painted over this painting abandoning it.
Painting 3
Charcoal sketch. I liked the right hand side so made a painting of that, using just tone.
50 x 65cm painting from sketch above.

stage 2.
stage 3

Went back and made this study (Ochre sketch) on site 20cm x 25cm
did this on the same day 5 x 7", second oil.
5 x 7" I used this to make bigger picture below.
Then did these 4 oils (5 x 7") in one day from the 2 oil studies above. This shows you how a painting is created. I will probably do a large one from one of these studies, not sure which one yet, I have to wait until I know. It's like when you forget someone's name, it's on the tip of your tongue but you can't access it, it will appear when it's ready. It will feel right, that's how I feel when I'm painting. There is something out there which I want to paint in a specific region, I just have to explore it totally and wait until I put my finger on it. When I do, it feels like 'oh there you are'. This is how I felt when I came across this waterfall on the right hand side, I have been to this spot since end of December and it is only now that I feel I've hit the spot. I am getting used to painting like this, and enjoying it. I like to go back to the same place, I enjoy the day out and feel more comfortable the better I get to know it. It's like making a friend, the relationship takes time. You have to wait until the landscape reveals itself to you.

60 x 75cm made from ochre sketch above. stage 1.
 same as above but stage 2.

50 x 65 made from small oil above. stage 1.

50 x 60 same as above stage 2.

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