From Figurative to Abstract

I have been looking through my paintings over the past two years and here are the first and the last from different places. You can see how I started with a figurative picture and moved into an abstract painting. It takes me a long time, as I have just started doing this and have a lot to learn. Sometimes I do 50 or more pieces of work, not all good, but this is what keeps me wanting to go on, to go back and do more.

"Black River Gorge, Forest" Figurative. Charcoal on paper. 61cm x 46cm
"Red Space in Forest" Abstract. Oil on Canvas. 65cm x 50cm.
Blue/yellow Forest. Abstract. Oil on Canvas. 65cm x 50cm.

"Black River Gorge, Pilgrim Trail".  Figurative. Watercolour and Patel on Paper 40cmx30cm

                                                      "Birth Canal". Abstract. Oil on Canvas107 x 87cm

"7 Cascades Viewpoint. "Figurative.Watercolour/Pastel 41 x 31cm.

"My Family" Abstract, 7 Cascades Viewpoint. Oil on Canvas, 160cm x 120cm.

"7 Cascades, 4th Pool" Figurative. Pastel on Paper. 41cm x 31cm.
"Yellow Lady Lying Down" Abstract. Oil on canvas. 120cm x 160cm
"Looking Down from 3rd Pool" Figurative. Oil on Board. 10"x8"
"Orange Woman fallen off her Horse". Abstract. Oil on Canvas. 65cm x 50cm.

This picture is not finished yet, I don't like the left hand side so will rework it.

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