Saturday, 4 November 2017

Cigar box/Pochade Box

my little cigar box 23 x 18cm fits my 6 x 8" panels

The back showing my quick release plate on my Manfrotto Be Free light tripod

Cigar box front, elastic and copper clips poke in to hold painting in place

 clips coming in from the back, made in copper.

 My new palette I made which folds up and goes inside, corks on the corners stop the painting from smudging onto it

 Palette fits nicely inside

Palette (MDF 3mm painted grey) with a wooden batten on the left to stop wet paint from being 
squashed when I fold the palette in half) taped with duck tape to keep together and allow to be
folder in half.  Drilled holes on left for brushes.  I clip it to the box with a large clip

Detail of how the hinge works, copper

 Detail of plate which quick release plate screws into

 Detail of hooks to hold picture in place, copper

 hinge to hold box open

Back of plate which pops into hole, screwed onto back of cigar box
looks like this when placed in hole


jimserrettstudio said...

Love it!
Where did you get that cool hinge?

georgie rey said...

I had it made, all the copper pieces were hand made by a coppersmith I know in Mauritius. Would you like one? I can send you one. I will be in Mauritius end of Nov-end of Dec.

jimserrettstudio said...

Yes,I would try that hinge, will it open all the way or nearly flat? That is what i do not like about my brace it only goes to just past 45 degree angle. Just email about expense and compensation.
Very cool. 👍
Thank you Georgie Rey

georgie rey said...

I'll let you know the price once I get back to Mauritius

georgie rey said...

do you want 2 1/2" or 3 1/2"? The length of the bar with the holes in. The pic (no 8) with cigar box is 2 1/2" the pic (no 13) is 3 1/2". It is heavier of course. can you give me your email please.

jimserrettstudio said...

Hey, just saw this.
send info on FB messenger.

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