Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Going Painting at the 7 Cascades

This is the climb down...very tricky.  I have to first organise for a guide to come with me which takes a few telephone calls in the morning. I then have to plan what I'm going to take...not easy as you know! I squeeze my colours out onto my palette, put my turps in a light plastic pot, pack some fruit and water, chose my boards and make a dash whilst the weather is still good! It takes me 45 minutes to climb down to my spot. I have to concentrate very hard as one false move and I would slide all the way down. I have to look for roots and rocks to put my feet on and hold on to guava trees. It is very dry and the soil is very powdery and slippery, but once there, I'm in heaven.  The difficulty adds to the tension in the paintings. The other day, I forgot to put white on my palette but I was forced to use the white undercoat from the board as my white (like in watercolours where the artist uses the white paper as his white) so I kept wiping off. In the end I had a great picture as I had used a different technique than I usually do. If I'd been within walking distance of home I would have gone back to get it, but stuck down there I had no choice but to improvise! This is painting!

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