Friday, 21 October 2011

Painting on the ring road on Le Morne, Mauritius.

This was done very quickly, 4 hours, on a pink ground. Notice the slanting horizon! this is because I am above the horizon so it is acting like perspective! (You can see in the photo below, the same thing happens in the photo).   I enjoyed the corals 'under' the sea and the channels created by the currents, but the main attraction for me was the 'deep space' and the 'feeling of looking down' which I think I have captured pretty well. Overall, I am very happy with this painting - the quicker they come out the better, no fuss or too much detail! After all, it's the FEELING we are painting not a visual reproduction. I drove up this can see the road in the photo, far right...I was having kittens! Thankfully, a kind watchman came with me to show me the way and give me moral support..he came up on his motorbike after and guided me back down! It all adds to the excitement of the day!
Painted today from mid way up the Morne, Mauritius

This is where I was yesterday. I walked to my spot, which is important for me. It took me an hour but was very enjoyable and helps me to absorb the 'feeling of the place'. It was beautifully quiet, not a soul in sight apart from the butterflies, Paille en Queue birds and huge crickets. I enjoyed being alone, I concentrate better and in a private hunting ground felt very safe. The 'well being' of the artist is extremely important for producing work. I will go back and make more sketches and next time take a canvas to start a bigger picture. The 'space' is what attracts me, the 'feeling' of looking down. I really enjoyed 'trying' to paint the shallows around the little islands..SO difficult. There are some strong diagonals (foreground, islands, lagoon, coral) which make a good composition and very subtle colours. But it is that feeling of standing on an edge and looking down, that 'pulling feeling' which I enjoy and will explore more next time!

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