Saturday, 4 February 2012

Small colour 'plays' of pools/ landscape

I have taken my sketches and played around: some large(65cm x 50cm), some medium (30cm x 40) , and some small (5x7")

Charcoal on paper. 1.
Pencil on paper. sketch 2.

65cm x 50cm BEFORE
65cm x 50cm AFTER
The pictures above are the same picture. The blue picture was done from sketch 2 then  I re-worked it from a small oil study done on site, see below, which was made 3 weeks later. This is how a picture advances and why it is important to keep going back to the site. In the small study I had removed the rocks in the foreground and preferred it this way,  bringing you more into the deep space below. So I changed the foreground of the picture to be the same as the oil sketch below. 

oil study done on site 13cm x 18cm

More paintings done from the two black and white sketches above.

40cm x 30cm

60cm x 80cm
13cm x 18cm
30cm x 40cm

13cm x 18cm
13cm x 18cm

13cm x 18cm
13cm x 18cm
20cm x 25cm

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