Monday, 22 October 2012

Third Pool, 7 Cascades

I went back to the pool all week, Tues 9, Wed 10, Thurs 11, Friday 12 and Saturday 13. This is what I did:

I started to the right of the waterfall, looking down. I liked the shapes and the diagonals of the background
slopes, which were mirrored in the foreground. I used a mixture of greys concentrating on tone.

Painting 1. 8x10" oil on board Step 1.
Painting 1. 8x10" oil on board Step 2, the following day.

Painting 2. 6x8" oil on board. I left this one like this.

Painting 3. I moved round to the right. I liked the diagonal in the foreground repeated in the edge of the pool Stage 1.
Painting 3. Stage 2. 6x8"
Painting 4. From the middle. Stage 1. 8x6"oil on board.
Painting 4. Stage 2. 6x8"oil on board.

Painting 5. I moved down to a lower level. Stage 1. 10x8" oil on board
Painting 5. I moved back up and changed the foreground Stage 2. 10x8"
Painting 5. Stage 3. 10x8"  At home, 2 days later, I took out the orange trees in the foreground on the left, they were disturbing me.

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