Friday, 10 January 2014

Souffleur 9 Jan 2014

6 x 8" oil on board
I went back again and found I'd forgotten my tripod for my pochade box.  When I took out my French Easel I found that the carpenter who had changed some copper pieces on my easel had screwed them into the legs so I couldn't extend the legs. Plus it was raining and foggy.  Feeling very low,  I contemplated giving up and heading home but decided to do one small study first, knowing that when I'm cross and fed up I often produce my best work. My art teacher once told me that it is because all our frustrations are being expressed into the painting, this is, after all,  how artists, (we),  express ourselves.  It turned out quite abstract as the paint was slipping on the board, I couldn't put much detail down and had to work very fast. I quite like it!  Painting is full of surprises which is why it is so much fun!