Sunday, 22 March 2015

I worked some more on a picture from the 7 Cascades that I started in 2011, I think it's finally finished now.  You can read the progress from start to finish in the Finale blog of the 7 Cascades. This is the how the picture started and changed, each of these pictures is underneath the final, amazing eh!

42x35" first stage

42x35" 2nd stage

42x35" 3rd Stage

42x35" 4th Stage

42x35" 5th Stage

42x35" 6th Stage

42x35" 7th Stage (FINAL)

Can you see the woman in yellow in the picture? She can be seen in two position: either lying on her back with her breast, knee, head looking up, or lying on her side with her face, elbow and legs turning to the right bottom corner.  There are women in all the paintings, this is me reflected in the landscape. I don't do this consciously it just appears. It's coming from the subconscious. This is ART.