Friday, 27 April 2012

Blue Woman/7 Cascades

Oil in Sketchbook 27cm x 22cm Sketch 1.
6 x 8" oil on board Sketch 2
5 x 7"Oil on ply Sketch 3
5 x 7" Oil on ply Sketch 4
8  x 10" Oil on Board. Sketch 5

I worked from 9am till 12.30, you can see the progression from the 1st to the 5th sketch. I started by putting in the light and the shade working quickly. Then as I progressed I FELT the body of a woman appearing. This is the magical part, it's the FEELING in the landscape. The rest just happened on it's own.
When I had done sketch 4 I was very surprised and excited, the 2 small pools were the woman's breasts and the larger pool was her tummy. I felt the mountain on the left in red, was her leg. So I started another one, trying not to think of the figure but just letting myself go. This time I had painted her second leg in red too. It was not until I got home and looked at it the following day that I realised what I had painted. Dare I say it?....her legs are apart..she looks like she's giving birth...In fact you can see whatever you want, it might look like 3 pools and valleys to you!

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