Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Bright Pools, 7 Cascades, Looking down from 3rd waterfall.

8"x10" Oil on MDF (orange ground)
The sun was shining today, after 10 days of rain - I was very eager to get ready and go out painting! I'm still thinking about the space in this place and haven't mastered it yet so back I went again. I chose a different spot, right in the middle of the 'ledge'. Choosing the right spot for the painting is very difficult, I try it from all different angles before I get it right. I could see the pools below, with the sun sparkling on them, the water on the right spilling off the ledge and the valley in the background. It was stunning.

I worked a long time on the rocks and was happy with them. I can now feel the first pool higher than the second which is also higher than the third. I used a  mainly earth palette of: cobalt, ultramarine, mars yellow, raw sienna, burnt sienna, indian red, caput mortuum (mars violet), raw umber, burnt umber, flake white, titanium/zinc.

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